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The EnviroCare Webinar Series

An Educational Approach to Our Work

We have launched our EnviroCare Educational Webinar Series because we believe that sharing valuable information about archive and document recovery, disaster management, pre-disaster planning and environmental quality can help our clients make informed decisions about which services they need before disaster occurs. Read about each of our webinars below and don’t forget to register for our events! To request a topic for future webinars, please email us at mfuchs@goenvirocare.com or call 866-368-2873. Stay Tuned…We will soon be offering Continuing Education Credits (CEU) as part of our webinar series.

Schedule of Events

Disaster Management for Archives and Documents

December 1, 2010, 9:30am – 10:30am CST
“Disaster Management for Archives and Documents” will discuss the importance of pre-disaster evaluations, disaster management and the reimbursement process. This webinar will also discuss the archive and document recovery process.

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