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Case Studies

State of Iowa Archives

After the catastrophic flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2008, EnviroCare successfully executed the largest document recovery project ever attempted in the United States. The archives, located in a sprawling basement complex four levels below the court buildings, were submerged under 30 feet of water and mud. Further, they had been shifted and dragged by fast-moving water, driven by the powerful currents of the muddy Cedar River. EnviroCare retrieved the documents, catalogued them, evaluated them for recovery potential, and then coordinated with archivists as well as city, state and federal officials to secure FEMA support and execute the recovery. More than 78 tractor-trailer loads of documents were extracted and processed with a 98% recovery rate.

William Carey College

William Carey College’s (WCU) 20-acre campus on the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, was devastated by the 140-mph winds and a 35-foot storm surge from Hurricane Katrina. EnviroCare evaluated and restored historical archives and contemporary documents.

Loyola University

EnviroCare is Loyola University’s go-to document recovery provider for rare artifacts and documents.

Hyde County Register of Deeds

Hurricane Isabel flooded Hyde County archives with seawater and mud. The documents had been processed by another company away from the site and returned in extremely unsatisfactory condition. The Register of Deeds office contacted several universities and was referred to EnviroCare. We responded immediately, tested the documents, set up a mobile lab outside of the Register of Deed’s office, and processed the documents in full view of county officers. EnviroCare restored 100% of the documents, which are in use today.

Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish, part of the Greater New Orleans area, was the largest municipality affected by Hurricane Katrina. EnviroCare was hired to provide comprehensive emergency management and environmental services, with the task of restoring all damages to all parish buildings and their contents within a strict timeline. This included inspection, restoration and safety testing of all parish archives and collections.

Jefferson Parish Libraries

In the wake of massive flood and wind damage from Hurricane Katrina, EnviroCare was assigned the monumental task of recovering the parish’s 21 public libraries. We triaged each library and established a scope of work for recovery.  Baselines were provided for restoration through microscopic airflow testing and the recovery process was monitored. EnviroCare also evaluated all parish archives, establishing the level of restoration necessary and writing protocols for recovery.

St. Bernard Parish Clerk of Court

St. Bernard Parish was one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Courthouse documents were besieged by muddy water and chemicals as well as mishandled by well meaning first responders. EnviroCare restored court ledgers dating back to the 1800s with a 100% recovery rate.

Delgado Community College Library

Never before in the recovery industry has a task been attempted like the one requested for Delgado Community College. Located in the heart of New Orleans, Delgado remained partially submerged in several feet of dirty water for weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Two years later, EnviroCare was given the huge challenge of evaluating several hundred volumes of important archives that had been left to dry unrestored, to determine if they could be saved. EnviroCare tested the archives, established a recovery protocol and timeline, and restored the archives ahead of schedule, with a 99% success rate.

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